Allen Bradley CompactLogix Advanced

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  • Course Duration
    4 Days
  • Documentation
    Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC Advanced Training manual
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The course has been designed to further students knowledge of the Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC controllers after they have attended a Maintenance course.

The student will be able to structure and create advanced programs, configure the communications hardware and write a routine that will communicate to drives.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of Logix programmable controllers, including the following areas:

  • Structuring programs.
  • Creating User defined data .
  • Function Block Diagram
  • Program using SFC.
  • data types.
  • Using routines for time intervals.
  • Controlnet and Devicenet communications.

Course Content

  • Review of Hardware configuration.
  • Review of Program Structure and tags, and monitoring techniques.
  • Program design, structuring and testing methods.
  • Using Function block diagram to program.
  • Jump and accumulator function, including status bit.
  • Review of Data types.
  • Word Logic and Maths functions.
  • Drive communications interface with the PLC on devicenet.
  • Routines blocks for errors.
  • Controlnet communications.
  • Using SFC to program.
  • Student advanced programming exercise.