Flow measurement and control E36

· September 14, 2020

This course will explain the cover the items below:-

Explain the types and operation of primary flow measuring elements. 1. Distinguish between measurement of volume and rate of flow.

2. Describe the operating principle behind each given method e.g. positive displacement, velocity, liquid head, varying pressure differential, fixed pressure differential, etc.

3. Describe the application in given types of instruments e.g. dry and wet type gas meter, oscillating piston, vane, orifice plate, pitot tube, etc.

4. Describe the range, limitations and typical process applications of given methods of measurement.

Element 2.  Explain the operation, testing and calibration of given instruments.

1. Describe the operation of given instruments.

2. Describe the method of safe isolation of measuring elements of given instruments from external process pressures.

3. Test given instruments.

4. Calibrate given instruments.

Element 3.  Explain the function, operation and setting of given controllers, cylinders and valves.

1. Describe the functions of given controllers and the action of settings e.g. proportional, integral and derivative.

2. Describe the function, operation and calibration of power cylinders and positioners.

3. Describe the function, operation and calibration of control valves.

Element 4.  Commission, adjust, test and fault find on given instruments, controllers and control loops.

1. Overhaul, test and calibrate given instruments.

2. Overhaul, test and calibrate given power cylinders.

3. Overhaul, test and calibrate given control valves and positioners.

4. Commission and tune given control systems.

5. Fault find on given control loops and restore to correct operating state.

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