EAL Control Instrumentation and Measurement

Our EAL Control and Instrumentation training courses consist of two courses. Together they provide a detailed insight to closed loop control, measurement of pressure, temperature, flow and level. As well as calibration procedures.

EAL Measurement and control

EAL Measurement and control

The topics covered in this 10 day course include:

  • Open and closed Loop control.
  • 4 to 20 mA circuit and measurement.
  • Wheatstone bridges.
  • Properties of RLC circuits
  • Detailed insight to PID control.
  • Tuning a PID controller.
  • Closed loop control stability tests using Bode Diagrams.
On successful completion of this course you will be EAL accredited. 

EAL Control and Instrumentation

EAL Control and Instrumentation 

Want to learning about the the basics of temperature, pressure, level and flow measurement. As well as PID Controllers and PLC PID control. Then this is the perfect course for you providing a foundation of Control and Instrumentation.

Operation of Thermocouples and RTD’s temperature sensors and transmitters and calibration. 

Operation of Pressure temperature sensors and transmitters and calibration. 

Operation of Level sensors and transmitters and calibration. 

Operation of Flow sensors and transmitters and calibration. 

 The course will include more practical exercise on Closed loop temperature and pressure control, the different types of temperature and pressure measurement both in theory and practice. To demonstrate Temperature and pressure control, PID single loop controllers and PLC’s will be used. Also types of control valves and construction will be explained on the course.

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