FIP Communications for Alspa and GEM 80

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    2 Days
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    FIP Communications
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Alspa / GEM 80 FIP Communications Course

This course has been designed to give Engineers, Technicians and Electricians who are already familiar with Alstom products, practical experience and a working knowledge of FIP communication networks between GEM 80 400 controllers, DI100 Gateway and Alspa DC and GD3000 drives. The course is designed to increase the students understanding and confidence when dealing with FIP communication networks.

Where possible, application specific exercises, actual drawings and programs listings are used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of FIP communications. Including the following areas.

  • Defining hardware connections.
  • Configuring a GEM 400 to communicate on FIP.
  • Configuring an Alspa 80-35 to communicate on FIP.
  • Using statistics.
  • Locate and diagnosis fault faults.

Course Content

  • FIP network hardware.
  • FIP network operation and terminology.
  • The configuration of the FIPCFG Special Function software instruction and setting up VCOM’s.
  • Data transfer configuration.
  • Special function used for statistics.
  • FIP communication statistics and fault finding.
  • FIP communication options:
    1. GEM 80 400 FIP.
    2. Alspa GD u0026amp; DC Drives FIP.
    3. DI100 Gateway.
    4. Alspa 80-35/75.
    5. Other manufacturers World FIP modules.
  • Alspa GD and DC 3000 drives FIP communications.
    1. The procedure to configure the drives to transfer and receive data on the FIP network.
  • DI100 Gateway module.
    1. Operational overview of the DI100 Gateway Module.