Allen Bradley FlexLogix Advanced

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  • Course Duration
    3 Days
  • Documentation
    Allen Bradley FlexLogix PLC Advanced Training manual
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The course has been designed to further students knowledge of the Allen Bradley FlexLogix PLC controllers after they have attended a Maintenance course.

The student will be able to structure and create advanced programs and communicate to drives


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of Logix programmable controllers, including the following areas:

  • Structuring programs.
  • Creating User defined data .
  • Function Block Diagram
  • Program using SFC.
  • data types
  • Using routines for time intervals.
  • Controlnet and Devicenet communications

Course Content

  • Review of Hardware configuration
  • Review of Program Structure and tags, and monitoring techniques.
  • Program design, structuring and testing methods
  • Jump and accumulator function, including status bit.
  • Review of Data types
  • Word Logic and Maths functions.
  • Drive communications interface with the PLC on devicenet.
  • Routines blocks for errors.
  • Controlnet communications
  • Student advanced programming exercise