Profibus and Profinet using Siemens S7

Profibus Course for Siemens

This course has been designed to familiarise engineers with the many different aspects associated with the operation, maintenance and fault finding of Profibus and Profinet operating with Siemens S7 equipment.Where possible, application specific exercises, actual drawings and programs listings will be used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.


Firstly the purpose of this course is to introduce students to the concepts and operation of Profibus and Profinet with Siemens S7 products, including the following areas:

  • Introduction to the Profibus hardware, connection, Indicators and their meanings.
  • Using Simatic Manager and Netpro for Profibus and Profinet.
  • Creating Profibus and Profinet configuration.
  • Network fault finding.
  • Communication with drives over Profibus and Profinet.

Course Content

  • To begin the hardware architecture of a Profibus and Profinet systems will be explained.
  • The next topic is the cabling and connectors for profibus and profinet circuits.
  • Following the cabling we will demonstrate led Indication of the network components.
  • Type of Profibus and Profinet modules.
  • Configuring Profibus with Simatic Manager.
  • Then you will be introduced to Netpro.
  • Configuring ID’s and address in Profinet modules.
  • We will then move on to PLC to PLC communications using Profibus and Profinet .
  • This will the then lead us on to PLC to drives communications using Profibus and Profinet .
  • Likewise we will need to understand the communication between the PLC and HMI’s.
  • Finally we will study fault finding and fault indication software.u