Siemens S5 Advanced

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  • Course Duration
    5 Days
  • Documentation
    Siemens S5 Programming and Maintenance Training Manual.
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Siemens S5 Intermediate Course

The course has been designed to familiarise Electricians, Technicians and Maintenance Engineers with previous experience of S5 or who have attended the 5 day maintenance course to the advanced facilities and functions of the S5 Contorllers.

Where possible, application specific exercises, actual drawings and programs listings are used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of S5 programmable controllers, including the following areas:

  • Write and understand STL and CSF
  • Use and program data moving functions.
  • Using PID software.
  • Sinec L1 communications.
  • 525 comms module.
  • Program and use FB’S.
  • Understand OB’s further.

Course Content

  • Brief refresher on the maintenance course topics.
  • Using and programming STL and CSF.
  • Creating an assignment list.
  • Using pre programmed function blocks.
  • Creating and programming function blocks.
  • Creating a project and configuring DB1.
  • Data formats.
  • Creating data blocks.
  • Introductions to the special OB’s.
  • PID Control.
  • Introduction to Sinec L1.
  • Introduction to the 525 Comms module.
  • Rewire Functions.
  • Advanced functions.
  • Load, transfer, Maths, compares, DO, TIR, LIR functions.
  • Analogue modules and analogue scaling.
  • Accessing system data.