Siemens S7 300/400 Level 3

Siemens Advanced Programming 3

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  • Course Duration
    4 Days
  • Documentation
    Siemens S7 Level 3 Training Manual
  • Download Syllabus Digital Automation Training

The course has been designed to further students knowledge of communications and programming of the Siemens S7 300 and 400 systems and will build on the system knowledge of the S7 Siemens PLC gained on the Programming and Maintenance S7 Level 2 course.

The student will be able to communicate between PLC’s and program to a very high level.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of S7 programmable controllers, including the following areas:

  • OB121 and OB122.
  • MPI, Ethernet and Profinet communications
  • Indirect addressing

Course Content

  • Review of FB and FC block structure.
  • Complex data types including:-
    • Arrays, strings, date_time
    • Using STRUCT
  • Indirect addressing using memory pointers
  • MPI Communications between PLC using Global data communications
  • MPI Communications using SFC’s
  • Profinet configuration and Fault finding
  • Ethernet communications between PLC’s
  • Ethernet communication between S7 PLC’s and SCADA/HMI.
  • Final project exercise which will include communications between PLC’s, HMI and variable speed drives.