Software Services

PLC Software

Digital Automation Training have many years of experience with all of the major PLC systems. We are able to provide new PLC installations or revise your existing control systems to eradicate current problems and improve your plant operation.

What makes Digital Automation Training plant updates unique is that system modifications can be conducted in parallel with your own maintenance staff, so if they have attended the necessary PLC courses and are equipped with the relevant experience, further modifications can be made in house.

If plant modification self-sufficiency is one of your company’s maintenance objectives, then we have the answer.

New installations and modifications can be undertaken on any of the PLC systems listed in our course portfolios.


With the latest advances in HMI units and display panels, operator displays can be a fundamental key to fault finding.

Digital Automation Training can install SCADA / HMI display panels or modify existing systems to raise plant awareness.

Displays can be modified and installed to allow the maintenance staff to have their own displays providing engineering and status information and not just plant operation.

Many displays currently only provide plant mimic and alarm indication. Screens can be modified to provide more information regarding the nature of alarms. This may include the signals required to set the alarm, I/O points, and the location of the detectors or transducer on the plant.

Improvements can be implemented in parallel with your engineering and maintenance staff, so with the correct product training they will be able to make these improvements in the future. Although our services are always available to overcome any skills shortages!.