Allen Bradley Communications

  • Course Reference
    Allen Bradley/ Rockwell Communications Course
  • Course Duration
    3 Days
  • Documentation
    Allen Bradley Communications Manual.
  • Download Syllabus Digital Automation Training

The course has been designed to familiarise students with many different communication options, when using Allen Bradley controllers.

Each communication option will be explained and demonstrated, then a total network will then be created by the student.

The student will be able investigate the program and hardware for fault finding.

The student must have attended a maintenance course or Higher, or have previous Allen Bradley experience.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation all the Allen Bradley communication options, including the ollowing areas:

  • Structuring programs of the program.
  • Profibus communications.
  • Ethernet Communications.
  • DH+ and DH485 communications.
  • Devicenet comms.
  • Controlnet Communications.
  • Communications to drives.
  • Communication to other PLC’s.
  • HMI network.s

Course Content

  • Program Structure for communications.
  • Configuration of Controlnet and devicenet:
    1. I/O networks.
    2. PLC to PLC ControlLogix and PLC5.
    3. PLC to Drives.
  • Ethernet communications for:
    1. PLC to PLC.
    2. PLC to HMI.
  • Profibus communications between PLC’s and drives.
  • Profibus Allen Bradley to other manufactures PLC.
  • DH+ and DH485 communications.
  • Communications to HMI’s.
  • Student project.