• Course Reference
    GE Cimplicity
  • Course Duration
    4 Days
  • Documentation
    GE Cimplicity Training Manual
  • Download Syllabus Digital Automation Training

This course has been designed to give engineers an insight into the configuration and operation of the GE Cimplicity SCADA package:

The course will allow participants to develop an understanding of what factors to consider when implementing changes to their installed systems and for the development of new applications using CIMPLICITY Systems in the field.

Application specific mimics, plant related updates and new window developments will be discussed to allow the participants to gain the greatest possible benefit from the sessions


To gain an insight into SCADA / HMI Application Systems.

  • The development of new mimics for an application using:.
    Standard graphics
    Objects, buttons and sliders
    Display and application windows
    Text and text control
    Bar charts
  • To develop an understanding of drivers and data transfers between GE Fanuc PLC’s.
  • Adding and amending alarms including Creation Storage and archive.
  • Adding and amending real Time Trending.
  • Adding and amending real Time Trending and displaying archiving.
  • Reporting – archived data can be reported to paper.
  • Introduction to using scripts to customise displays and applications.
  • Introduction to frames.
  • Remote Viewer and Webview
  • Introduction to Modbus RTU communications and EGD communications
  • Adding and amending page script development.