Modbus Plus Communications

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  • Course Duration
    2 Days
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    Modbus Plus programming and Maintenance
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    With MODSOFT, ProWORX or
    ProWORX NXT or 32.
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This 2 day course has been specifically designed to introduce students to the hardware and software configuration, installation and operation of the Modbus Plus communications network. It is therefore ideally suited for Electricians and Technicians who may be required to diagnose faults associated with Modbus Plus communication networks.

The course will allow students to develop an understanding of Modbus Plus communication networks and what factors to consider when a fault occurs on the network. It will also give Electricians the confidence to discuss faults at a higher technical level. They will gain an understanding of both the hardware equipment and the physical network connections and software usage within the ladder program.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of GE Fanuc programmable controllers, including the following areas:

Course Content

  • To introduce Modbus Plus network communications.
  • To familiarise students with the physical network connections.
  • To demonstrate the ease of hardware configuration.
    An introduction to Modbus Plus communications, system description, performance, network architecture, terminology and general serial communication principles.
  • Modbus Plus System Components.
    Description of the equipment that is used to construct a Modbus Plus network. This will include descriptions of the Modbus Plus compatible PLC’s, Bridge Plus, Repeater, and Multiplexer units and the Modconnect range of adapter cards.
  • To demonstrate the tasks performed by the MSTR command.
    Modbus Plus software configuration using the MSTR Block in ladder logic. Including, the transfer of data using the Read and Write functions and Global data exchange. Using the MSTR to allow both local and remote statistics to be accessed and reset.
  • To highlight fault finding principles, the LED indicators on the network.
    The use of the MBPSTAT programs as an indication of system performance and as a means of fault finding. A description of the Modbus Plus LED indicators and general system fault finding procedures.
  • To demonstrate the operation of the MBPSTAT program as a fault finding tool.
  • To introduce remote programming and network bridging.
  • Modbus Plus addressing and hardware configuration.
    Physical configuration requirements, Modbus Plus node addressing and cabling, configuring the network connection between devices.
  • MSTR Software the Modbus Master Instruction.
  • MBPSTAT – Modbus Plus Statistics and Fault Identification.