Proficy iFIX Visual Basic

  • Course Reference
    Proficy iFIX VBA
  • Course Duration
    4 Days
  • Documentation
    Proficy iFIX VBA Training Manual
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The course has been designed to familiarise electricians, technicians and maintenance engineers with the many different aspects associated with the operation and programming of VBA with Proficy IFIX.

Where possible, application specific exercises, actual drawings and programs listings are used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of VBA with Proficy IFIX, including the following areas:

    • Understand VBA in IFIX.
    • Functions and Sub procedures.
    • Declaring variables of various data types.
    • Using VBA code structures.
    • Using message and input boxes.
    • Using VBA forms.
    • Using Active X in IFIX.
    • Using Debugging tool.
    • Using VBA automation.


Course Content

      • Understanding the VBA terminology.
      • Navigation around the Visual Basic Editor.
      • Creating procedures in the VB editor.
      • Interfacing IFIX with VBA procedures.
      • Creating and using Global variables in IFIX.
      • Creating variables of various data types in VBA.
      • Using looping code and arrays, using loops and do loops. Creating and populating arrays variables.
      • Creating Forms. Including uploading and hiding forms.
      • Using the VBA debugging tools.
      • Decision code structures using IF, THEN and other decision code.
      • Use Functions and variables to make complex expressions.
      • Using pre defined functions, input and output message boxes.
      • Creating new functions.
      • Error handlers used to create better code.
      • Accessing Relational databases using the ActiveX Data Object.
      • Using VBA code for Security.
      • Using ActiveX with IFIX.
      • VBA automation to interface with other applications eg excel.
      • Application exercises on your plant exercises.

This course will contain detailed application exercises.