GE RXI Training courses

GE RXI courses

Digital Automation Training have provided GE Automation courses to many different industries for nearly 30 years. These courses have helped our customers and students to reduce plant downtime and increase productivity. Both in the UK and international.

All of our RXi Controller training courses place special emphasis on practical sessions. On our courses RXi PLC courses we use the latest equipment. Enabling you to experience as closely as possible the plant hardware environment.

Each student on the  training course will have their own PLC System. Containing digital I/O and analogue I/O as well as Ethernet and EGD communications. As well as a P80i programmer.

We will always endeavour to tailor our GE PLC training courses to be as close as possible to your own plant. Allowing you to practice your skills in a safe environment using the hardware and process software from your plant at no extra cost. When the course is conducted at your site, the students towards the end of the course can undertake a set of practical exercises on plant. These unique exercises will add confidence and help the students to transfer their knowledge gained in the classroom immediately to the plant.

And more, the complete automation program......

We want to allow you to fullfill your potential and not just understand, learning and use the GE RXi systems. In this ever changing industrial environment you need to understand the complete automation system. Digital Automation Training are leaders in the training world of supply a complete training experience from plant instruments, to PLC systems, to Variable Speed Drives, Automation Communication and Scada/HMI systems. 

We can help you to unlock your potential and increase your value and earning power by have a complete control system understanding. 

GE RXi Classroom courses

We have been providing GE Automation classroom courses successfully to industry for nearly 30 years. Ensuring that our students and customers have a learning experience that helps the to fault find, program and maintain GE RXi systems. As well as improving plant efficiency with modifications and new projects. Each student on the  training course will have their own complete PLC System. Containing digital I/O as well as ethernet and ESP communications and can be conducted on the AGP Advanced GEM80 programmer or the P80 Pilot programmer. 

GE RXi Maintenance and programming training course

GE RXi Virtual Classroom training courses

Due to the COVID pandemic, training courses will not return to normal for a considerable amount of time. Therefore we have developed a unique learning experience that still have 100% instructor lead training. With a qualified instructor having 20 years of RXi and HCPi experience. You will have access to a programmer connected to PLC for realtime programming and monitor. As well as I/O from an HMI system. A perfect cost effective and time efficient training experience.

GE RXi Maintenance and programming training course

RXi E learning training courses

We are proud to offer our newly developed GE RXi Controller E learning course. Allowing you to have access 24/7 at your finger tips to rich content of videos, procedures, quizzes and assignments at your finger tips 24/7. 

GE RXi Maintenance and programming training course

See what our customers say

“Superb delivery of excellent course content gave an immediate business benefit. The team now works confidently in the Siemens S7 environment – fault finding, improving sequences and writing new processes – much of which would previously have required expensive contractor support. Thank you.”
Andrew Hall of Tata Steel
Cold rolled products Technology Manager