Modicon 984, Momentum, Quantum Advanced

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  • Course Duration
    4 Days
  • Documentation
    Modicon 984/Quantum
    Programming and Maintenance
    Training Manual
    With Modsoft, ProWORX,
    ProWORX NXT or ProWORX32.
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Modicon 984/Quantum Advanced Course

This course is aimed at Engineers and Technicians who find that making modifications is within the scope of their work and have gained a thorough basic understanding of 984/Quantum controllers. This would be the equivalent of attending a 5 day maintenance course or having relevant plant experience. The course has been designed to introduce some of the more complex functions and facilities associated with 984/Quantum controllers. Any of the Group Schneider programming software packages can be used.

Where possible, application specific exercises, actual drawings and programs listings are used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.

Course Content

984 Instruction Set Revision.

Brief revision of the basic 984 instruction set.

Data transfer functions.

A detailed look at data transfer functions explaining why they are required and the number of functions that are available including:

  • Register to Table
  • Table to Table
  • Table to Block
  • FIFO operations
  • Table to Register
  • Block move
  • Block to Table
  • Table search

Matrix Functions.

Students will be introduced to logic, compare, bit shift and rotation functions.

Skipping Segments and Subroutines.

Students will be shown the advantages of using the SKIP command, but also warned of the consequences of using this function. Examples will be used to illustrate the operation of Subroutines and how they are implemented with the Jump, Label and Return functions.

Sweep Functions.

Instruction regarding the operation of the Sweep function, outlining instances where they can be applied.

Status words.

The format of the Status table will be demonstrated with an explanation of how the STAT function can be used to interrogate the system information.

Modbus Plus

Introduction to the operation of Modbus Plus, as well as an explanation of the operation of the MSTR function. Students will be given a series of exercises to structure their understanding of the Modbus Plus hardware and software.

Student Exercise.

An exercise will be set that will involve using examples of software from all of the modules covered by the course.