Proficy iFIX Level 2 training course

  • Course Reference
    Proficy iFIX Level 2
  • Course Duration
    3 Days
  • Documentation
    Proficy iFIX Level 2 Training Manual
  • Download Syllabus Digital Automation Training

This 3 day course has been designed for students that have already attended a level 1 course and wish a further insight into the advanced features of Proficy IFIX.

Where possible, application specific mimics, and plant related exercises and Window development will be used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.

The course will consist of mainly practical exercises and demonstrations, each student willhave one system that will consist of a PC with iFIX, and an Ethernet link to a PLC system.


To introduce students to the concepts and the configuration procedures for the following areas:

  • Revision of Level 1 course.
  • Configuring and using Dual redundant services.
  • Insight into alarm logging.
  • Configuring and using Proficy historians.
  • Creating your own dynamos.
  • Using tag groups.
  • Using schedules.
  • Further exercises using VBA.
  • Using banners and VBA to program previous and next keys.
  • Create a simple interface for excel to produce reports containing database information.
  • Insight into security and login procedures.
  • Adding new pages to your system.