Siemens WinCC

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  • Course Duration
    4 Days
  • Documentation
    Wincc Training Manual.
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Thise 4 day course has been designed to give Engineers an insight into the configuration and operation of WinCC SCADA packages:

The courses will allow students to develop an understanding of what factors to consider when designing, developing and using SCADA systems in the field. They will gain knowledge of the system, including specific system terminology.

Where possible, application specific mimics, plant related exercises and Window development exercises will be used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.

Course Content

  • To gain an insight into the SCADA/HMI System.
  • Windows and SCADA terminology and standards.
  • To introduce the development of mimic window creation.
  • To familiarise students with the basic drawing instructions.
  • To develop an understanding of animation configuration.
  • To develop an understanding of drivers and data transfers to a PLC.
  • Customised objects, tag prefix and faceplates
  • To introduce some of the systems advanced features including:
    Alarms displaying and archiving
    Real time trending.
    Historical trending.
    Script development using Visual basic.
    Log on priorities.
  • To introduce the runtime viewer operation.