Scada IFIX Level 1 Training Course

· August 14, 2019

IFIX Level 1 Online Training Course

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The 1st Choice for iFIX training excellence for industry. Our client list speak’s for its self. This iFIX Level 1 Online Training Course contains all the skills you will require to create an IFIX scada system. 

Our customers have used this IFIX Level 1 Online Training Course as a complete E learning experience or as post course support to a virtual or classroom based course. As a result of attending the  virtual or classroom course you will be enrolled on the E learning course. 

Digital Automation Training have provided this course too many students and companies and it has proven to reduce costs. Due to students being able to develop applications in house after the completion of the course.

As a consequence of our understanding of IFIX and our training methods we even provided training to the GE Field Service staff, the suppliers of IFIX systems. 

As well as this IFIX Level 1 course we also provide two further courses an IFIX Level 2 course and VBA courses. 

What will you learn?

This IFIX Level 1 Online Training course will consist of mainly practical exercises and demonstrations. In addition this will be supported by rich video content, Quizzes as well as assignments. 

You will develop an understanding of what factors to consider when designing, developing and using IFIX in the field. As a result you will be able to create a Database, Plant pictures with animations, Alarms, configure communications to a PLC and develope picture picture navigation. As well as more advanced feature such as creating Schedules and Tag groups. 



You will require no previous knowledge of IFIX before enrolling on this course. This course will prepare you for using IFIX 5.0, IFIX 5.8, IFIX 5.9, IFIX 6.0 or IFIX 6.1. 

Please contact us at on on 01782 710311 for costs and enrollment. 

IFIX Level 1 Online Training Course aims and objectives

The aims of this IFIX Level 1 training course are:

  • Firstly you will be introduced to the IFIX architecture.
  • Then will will discuss the  System Project Tree.
  • We will then begin to to use IFIX to draw mimics.
  • As a result of drawing mimics we will require a understanding of the IFIX database tag.
  • Consequently you will be introduced to the different tag types.
  • You will be then introduced to to the PLC drivers, and communications with the database.
  • Then you will be shown how to animation of objects.
  • As a result of animation you will begin the first steps with VBA.
  • Using global variables.
  • Demonstration of alarm setup and configuration.
  • Creating Alarms and displaying alarms
  • Demonstration of real time and Historical trending.
  • Introduction to VBA.
  • Insight into simple security and login.
  • Adding new pages to your system.
  • Configuring Servers and Clients.
  • Finally you will be shown how the how the database is used between Server and Clients.
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We have conducted IFIX courses for many years for our customers, who have ranged from beginners to experts. Demonstrating to them how IFIX communicate to many different types of PLC's. As well as a Proficy iFIX Level 1 training course we also provide a further two training courses. These are Proficy iFIX Level 2 training course and VBA for Proficy iFIX training course.

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Picture Navigation and alarms
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Alarms and Simple trends
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Assignment 3 tanks animation
Global variables and Tag groups
Schedules and Security
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Server and Client V4.0
Using Webspace
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Course Includes

  • 21 Lessons
  • 30 Topics
  • 3 Quizzes
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