GEM 80 First Line Maintenance

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    2 Days
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    GEM 80 Maintenance
    Training Manual.
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On completion of this 2 day GEM80 course you will have all the maintenance skills to fault finding an make small modifications to the GEM80 programmer. Therefore this course is ideally suited to Electricians and Technicians who may be initially required to diagnose faults associated with GEM 80 PLC systems.

The course will allow students to develop an understanding of what factors to consider when a fault occurs on a GEM 80 system. It will also give Electricians the confidence to discuss faults at a higher technical level. They will gain a broad PLC systems knowledge, including specific GEM 80 PLC terminology. This will be of great benefit when reporting faults either to engineering staff or directly to the equipment manufacturers.

Where possible, application specific exercises, actual drawings and programs listings will be used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.


Course Content

  • Firstly you will be introduced to interfacing of I/O devices to the GEM 80.
  • After which we will investigate te Watchdog and safety circuits.
  • We will then move onto the concepts and operation of GEM 80 controllers.
  • The lecturer will then explain the the GEM 80 hardware. 
  • An important part the course is for you to become familiar with GEM 80 PLC Programmers.
  • To develop an understanding of basic GEM 80 software.
  • You will then be shown how to “Read and monitor” ladder diagrams, the standard relay functions.
  • Finally you will be shown the routine for the storage and retrieval of ladder programs.