Proficy Machine Edition

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  • Course Duration
    1 Day
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    Proficy Machine Edition PLC
    Training Manual.
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Proficy Machine Edition

This 1 day course is aimed at students who already have an understanding of the GE Fanuc 90 30 / 90 70 PLC’s and need to retrain on the Machine Edition Programmer.

The course will show students how to develop a PLC project and understanding what factors to consider when designing and developing a project.

Course Content

  • Scope of the Machine edition PLC software.
  • Creating a PLC project.
  • Configuration of the PLC hardware.
  • Program structure.
  • Creating a blocks and entering ladder diagram.
  • Program documentation and cross referencing.
  • Creating variables.
  • Creating communications to the PLC.
  • Downloading the PLC to the PLC.
  • View fault tables.